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New Server Concept
Salute Rise of Flight community,
today we like to introduce our new concept for our servers. We noticed they were not used very much in the past, which was why we thought it is time for a change of our server concept. We can offer a high performance server provided by Hetzner proven reliable in stress situations like in the events Eagle of Lille and Flanders in Flames. As it is very hard to cater to all needs and playstyles we decided to put up two game servers for Rise of Flight:
Jagdstaffel 99 Server I
Our Jagdstaffel Server I serves the purpose of hosting semi-historical missions on maps like the Western Front Map, Channel Map and the Eastern Front Map. We are aiming to deliver an experience between those two excellent servers  Syndicate and New Wings Wargrounds. It uses the preset expert option type.
This server makes use of Vanders first-class Advancing Soldiers mod. You can activate the mod with the JSGME Mod Manager and still play in mods off mode as with Ankors Bump Mapping mod (highly recomended). You can download the mod and the JSGME Mod Manager here: rof-mods. This will allow you to see soldier columns marching on the roads and soldiers in the trenches. You don't have to deactivate the mod to fly on your regual servers. Just leave it activated so there is no trouble activating and deactivating mods:


If you try to connect without the mod you may get kicked out of the server. For now we have only one mission running here but there are more to come soon.
Server Statistics: Jasta 99 Server Statistic
Jagdstaffel 99 Server II
This server serves the purpose of hosting dogfight missions on maps like the Lake Map, the Verdun Map and the Fantasy Island Map by DiFiS. The server features diffrent Dogfight scenarios. The planesets is in range between early 1917 and late 1918. We have up to 12 AI fighters active to give you something to shoot at. There are also optional targets on which you can drop your payload like Convoys, Factories and Artillery Batteries. The server uses a custom set of options. Basically it is the Standart option type minus the Improved Gunnery option. We are aiming for an experience like the excellent Aces Falling Server by Sid had. Right now there are four diffrent missions running on this server.
Server Statistics: Jasta 99 Server Statistic
We appreciate your feedback. Right now both servers statistics get parsed to our website. We will change that in the near future to have one stats site for each server.
Salute to all still flying this awesome sim and good hunting
Jasta 99

Und das ganze nochmal (aber verkürzt) auf deutsch...

Neues Serverkonzept

Hallo liebe Rise of Flight Gemeinde,

heute möchten wir euch unser neues Serverkonzept vorstellen, da wir festgestellt haben, dass unsere Server in der Vergangenheit kaum genutzt werden, deshalb haben wir uns überlegt unser Serverkonzept zu überarbeiten. Wir bieten einen hochleistungsfähigen Web Server von der Firma Hetzner an, auf dem zwei Spielserver für Rise of Flight laufen.

Jasta 99 Server I

Missionen: Historische und semi historische Missionen (So etwas zwischen Syndicate und Wargrounds).

Erwartete Spielerzahl: 20-40

Maps: Western Front, Channel Map, Ostfront

Zeiten: 1916-1918

Optionen: Expert (x1.5)

Weitere Nutzung: Events, Testserver

Jasta 99 Server II

Missionen: Dogfight

Erwartete Spielerzahl: 10-20

Maps: Verdun, Lake, Fantasy Island

Zeiten: 1917-1918

Optionen: Standard (improved gunnery aus)

Weitere Nutzung: Training, Testserver

Wir freuen uns auf eure Rückmeldungen.

Jasta 99

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Kommentare für New Server Concept
# 4 von J99*Sizzlorr
Dein Wunsch sei mir Befehl Sahib...

# 3 von J99*Falke
Das gefällt mir so nicht dann kannst du das auch andersrum machen hier Text in englich..... oder alles auf einen Blick.

# 2 von J99*Sizzlorr
Der klickt ganzen Artikel lesen....

# 1 von J99*Himmelhund
... und für deutschsprachige Leser?

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