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Official Rise of Flight Servers down
You probably experienced already that the offical RoF-Website is down. This is caused by a big malfunction of the Amazon servers on which most of the RoF related online components are hosted.

Unfortunately, these problems are out of control of 777 Studios and the whole RoF-Team. The malfunction must be fixed by Amazon first before everything runs again as used to be.

Jason, President of 777 Studios, wrote on SimHQ Forums:
Hey guys,

As some of you have noted, we have a problem with our servers. This is the first real problem in many, many months. Our annual uptime has been over 99% since launch. Unfortunately, this one is out of our control. Our servers are hosted by Amazon and they had a general malfunction late last night and they tell us they are repairing. We don't know what happened exactly because Amazon has not given us any further details other than to say they had a big failure.

This incident has happened during our busiest week this year so oviously its not good. This pisses us off more than you trust me.

Playing offline for now is your best option at the moment.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we'll let you know once everything is back up.

We have already taken steps to mitigate down time issues and it has not been a problem from our side in a very long time. As mentioned in my article on SimHQ we plan to take more or ROF offline in the future, but we have not had the right opportunity to do that yet. Our server arrangement has many advantages, but when a 3rd party we rely on fails it's a pain. So we'll look for ways to stop this from happening in the future, but we'll need patience from the community.


Read the whole thread on the SimHQ-Forums for further informations: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3276383/1.html

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