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Vintage Mission Sunday - St. Mihiel

23.02.2018 - 01:33:03

St Mihiel Salient - May 1918

This week's Sunday Vintage Mission will see us in the St. Mihiel Salient area of the map in mid 1918. This map is set several months before the big St. Mihiel Offensive that started in Sept. 1918.

Date: May 16, 1918

Mission Objective: Each side needs to accomplish three important objectives. The side that completes all three objectives first will win.

Entente is tasked with photo recons and Central is tasked with artillery spotting.

These are subtitle based recons and artillery spots so there will be no camera icon, you will be directed by subtitles on screen. Subtitles are

visible to all players on your side to aid in coordinating flights and escorts.

Once pictures are complete, you will get a subtitle message saying to return to base. Once pics are complete, there will no more subtitles if you stay above recon area.

To be successful on a photo-recon mission you need at least 10 photographs at 2500-3500m (10,000ft).


To successfully direct your artillery fire you need to hover over the observation area at 2500 m for at least 6 minutes. Hover with your mouse

over the target icon to see a description of the target. You will get a message if you leave the area telling you to return.

The only plane that can make photos or do artillery spotting is the two-seater that is named likewise. Only one such plane (per side) can be in

the air at any time. There are more two-seaters available for escort purposes. There is no particular order in which the targets should be


Weather: Clouds at 1250m, wind 3m/s from the north west.

Good luck gentlemen!


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