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VM- Battle of St. Quentin Canal

10.01.2018 - 19:24:54

Battle of St Quentin Canal - Smashing the Hindenburg line

In September 1918, the Allied armies faced formible German prepared defences, known as the 'Hindenburg Line'. One of the obstacles was the St Quentin Canal. Before the big assault on the canal, Allied troops had to get a good starting position.

*NOTE* - This map takes place east of the mud, after the Germans have pulled back. Therefore, there is no "mud / no man's land" to mark enemy / friendly lines visible. There is the St. Quentin Canal and a line of fortifications that are identifiable from the air, but you must check the map closely! All the objectives will take place in the 4 zones marked on the map so the action will be mainly concentrated there. We ran this map once before but I think many pilots got a little lost or confused because the familiar mud of the trenches was not there and the action got spread out all over the map.

Mission objectives will be communicated in-game, by subtitles. Once a subtitle objective is announced, it is available to be destroyed / completed throughout the entire mission. New orders are issued each 50min.

Reconaissance targets are marked on the map. Achieving the recon objectives will make a new aircraft type available.

When airfields have been destroyed, they will be out of action for 15 minutes.

Weather: Wind 3-4 m/s from the South. Clouds at 1200m

Good luck gentlemen!


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10.01.2018 - 19:37:40

When should this happen?


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