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Thursday Night Fight - Somme High Recons

06.09.2017 - 01:06:37

Salute gentlemen, wanted to extend a quick invite to any and all who wish to join in a little Thursday night action. We're going to run the classic Syndicate VM - Somme High Recons "Battle for Intelligence" map. This map is basically just a competition between Central and Entente to get the most total recon frames per side. There are 3 zones on each side, you can photo them as many times as you want (two zone per sortie - you only carry 20 frames). First side with a total of 100 frames wins.

The real fun of this map is there are a great many airstarts for both recons and fighters, and the fighting is HIGH, 4K+ meters, just like the real thing. Entente recon birds are the venerable French Breguets, so be careful you DVIIF and DXII pilots, we'll be watching for you ;) Also, don't be afraid to just hop in a fighter and go mix it up, remember fuel loads are unlocked so things can get tricky.

Hope to see you all in the air, we'll fire up the server around 20:00GMT for the European pilots and hopefully continue on into the night for North America. Good luck gentlemen!


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