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Vintage Mission 20/8 Montdidier 1917

16.08.2017 - 19:20:41

Greetings gentlemen! This weeks Sunday Vintage Mission will see us at the Battle of Montdidier - April 10, 1917 - Nivelle Offensive

This is a standard format, 6-flag map that requires recon flights to activate the target, then heavy bombardment to destroy it.

Weather report:

Cloud base at 1100m. Wind 3-4 m/s, from the north The snow that has been falling yesterday has melted away during the night.

Historical Background:

The Nivelle Offensive in 1917, was a Franco-British offensive on the Western Front in the First World War. The French part of the offensive was intended to be strategically decisive, by breaking through the German defences on the Aisne front within 48 hours, with casualties expected to be around 10,000 men. A preliminary attack was to be made by the French Third Army at St. Quentin and the British First, Third and Fifth armies at Arras, to capture high ground and divert German reserves from the French fronts on the Aisne and in Champagne. The main offensive was to be delivered by the French on the Chemin des Dames ridge.

After last Sunday's fake message about ROF multiplayer being dead and gone, I think many people gave up right away and didn't check further. Let's try and pack the server and show the community we are strong and carrying on!

Stats will be recorded and displayed at http://vintage-missions.net

Hope to see you all in air over the skies of France, good luck!


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