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New Dawn to Dusk Mission Series!

03.05.2017 - 06:09:10

Salute gentlemen!

Just an announcement that we will be featuring a few of Syndicate Squadron's old "Dawn to Dusk" mission maps during the week in hopes of drumming up some numbers on some weeknights and sharing some of these great maps with the community for all to enjoy. They are very similar in format to what we are all used to in Wargrounds, with a few minor differences. They tend to be a bit smaller than the Vintage Mission maps, with airfields a little closer to the front. I think they are worth checking out just for something different. As of this post, thanks entirely to J2 SteveF, stats server is up and running:


So as of now, the clock is running, and we are keeping score ;)

#1. Dawn to Dusk - July 1918

All info is located in mission description. It's a fairly typical target set.

- 3x Recons (2x Trench and 1x Rear)

- Bomb Strategic Target

- Bomb Arty Battery (6x guns)

- Bomb 6 Trucks

- Bomb 3 Trains

- Shoot Down 3x AI Two-seaters

Photo Recon completion gives:

Entente: Camels and Breguets

Central: Additional DVIIF's and 8x Dr.1's

Remember! Fuel loads are unlocked, take what you realistically think you need, I tend to use a rule of thumb of about an hour's worth, but depending on your particular aircraft and task, you may want to go lighter or heavier, all up to you the pilot. Just dont forget to take enough to get home ;)

Note: Check the description tab of your aircraft in the hangar, in the specs it will give you a rough estimate of endurance at 100% fuel. You camel jocks just might like a Camel with 25% fuel, and that will run her for an hour I believe :)

Plane sets and maps below:


As always, a great big thanks to Syndicate Squadron for allowing us to share these wonderful maps. All we do is host and stat, I couldn't edit a mission if my life depended on it, the real magic was all created by SYN_Vander, SYN_Waxworks and all the great crew at Syndicate.

Hope to see you all up there, all are welcome S!


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