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Sunday Vintage Mission - Mar. 5

02.03.2017 - 17:15:24

Greetings all and salute!

This Sunday's Vintage Mission will see us in the Lens / Arras sector - June 1918. This is roughly the same area of the map that we will be flying in the upcoming Jasta5 Bloody April VII campaign, so it will be a nice orientation map to get us used to the area of operations. VERY IMPORTANT - The photo recons on this map do not work like the ones we are used to. THERE IS NO CAMERA ICON upon spawning in or when you are over the photo target. Instead, you begin at either end of the marked photo target area and you will get a subtitle message directing you to fly to the other end. Once you reach the other end you will get another message to turn around and go back to the other end. Down and back is considered one full circuit and you must make 2 complete circuits. The subtitles will tell you when to head home. Also, YOU MUST LAND AT THE BASE FROM WHICH YOU TOOK OFF, it won't work if you land an any other base! All pilots on your side will get the same subtitle message as the photo recon pilot so everyone on your side will know your progress. This will make the recon a very challenging objective that will require some skill, coordination and luck to accomplish so work together! The arty spot works just as the instructions state. 2000m, stay inside the marked area on the map for 5-6 min, the subtitles will inform you of your progress. If you fly outside the zone, the timer picks up where you left off so you can leave the area and return later.

VM - Lens - June 1918

Objectives - Each side has several tasks to complete. One Artillery Spotting mission, one reconaissance mission and two targets to destroy by bombing.


Photo Reconaissance: Fly to the photo area at the designated altitude (see Icon description). Every time you reach one end of the recon area you will see a subtitle. Fly two full circuits, up and down the length of the recon area. A final subtitle will inform you when you can go home. NOTE: YOU MUST LAND AT THE BASE FROM WHICH YOU TOOK OFF!

Artillery spotting: Fly to the patrol zone that points to the target. Stay inside the patrol zone for roughly 5-6 minutes at the required altitude. Subtitles will inform you of the progress.

Bombing: Targets are marked on the map. Observation balloons will fire two red flares when they see enemy aircraft approaching.

Weather report: A Northern wind is blowing at 3-4 m/s. Medium clouds at 1200m.

Mission start: 1800GMT

All targets and objectives on this map have been tested, thanks to all that participated.

Salute and thanks to SYN_Vander as this mission is his creation.

Don't forget to register on the stats server if you care to track your stats. http://cuban.site.nfoservers.com/

Good luck and see you all in the air!



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06.03.2017 - 18:43:35

Apologies to all who turned up to fly Sunday but found no server. We suffered a nasty cyber attack on the server that simply destroyed everything we had. However, J2_SteveF again came through like a champ and got the server up by reinstalling all from scratch. Just a few finishing touches left to do over the next couple of days and we will be airworthy once again. We have also taken steps to tighten security on the box to prevent any future attacks.

At present, the plan is to run the Lens - June 1918 map this Sunday as we had planned last week.

Note: the stats database was also lost in the attack so everyone will have to re-register when the stats server is back up. We will make a post when the stats are back online and ready for registration. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.


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10.03.2017 - 02:22:47

OK! We are officially back on for this Sunday, March 12! Lens / Arras Sector - June 1918 Unfortunately, it looks like we won't have stats for this mission, but we aren't giving up and they are coming again very soon, most likely within a week or two. Still just a few bugs that need to be worked out. I hope everyone can make it Sunday, it should be an interesting battle!

See you all in the air!



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